ifak presents novel integration of simulators at the "Urban Drainage Modelling" Conference

At the present "Urban Drainage Modelling" Conference, held from 10 to 12 January as a hybrid event, ifak presents a milestone in the coupling of simulation systems: With good reason, for different subsystems (e.g. drinking water networks, urban drainage networks, wastewater treatment plants, control applications) different special-purpose solvers are used. Traditional efforts to integrate such models usually are restricted to the application to a one-has-to-fit-for-all solver, thus neglecting the mathematical fallacies of the respective mathematical characteristics of the subsystems. Dr Jens Alex and Dr Manfred Schütze of ifak demonstrate in their oral conference presentation on last Monday the integration of well-known solvers (e.g. EPANET, SWMM, ODE solver) in the Simba# simulation environment. This allows to set up - in a user-friendly way - integrated models of water supply and wastewater systems, without losing the benefits of the respective special-purpose solution algorithms. This integrated modelling concept already is applied already in different areas (e.g. assessment of damages of water infrastructure by eathquakes;  simulation of time-discrete data communication systems).

The "Urban Drainage Modelling" Conference, now being the 12th of its series, is one of the world's leadings conferences in the field of modelling of wastewater systems. The first conference of this series was held in 1986 in Dubrovnik.