TwinMap: Our new project of the development of a digital twin for heterogeneous machine parks

The manufacture of buses places special demands on production: on average, there are 25 special customer requests for every bus. This means that components have to be manufactured in large quantities but also in small batch sizes. This is made possible by a heterogeneous machine park for complete component machining.

A fundamental disadvantage of heterogeneous machinery is the varying integration of the machines into an IIOT network. This leads to the fact that a continuous process optimisation across the entire machine park is not possible. Furthermore, investments in new machines and/or changes in the machine park will only be made in isolation per machine. The effects on the overall process cannot be predicted.

The aim of our new project TwinMap (Digital twin of a heterogeneous machinery park for the complete manufacturing of components) is to develop a digital twin for heterogeneous machine parks for overall process optimisation in component manufacturing. Initial analyses show that cost optimisations of > 10 % are possible. The project results are relevant for both automotive groups with cycle time-optimised production and SME contract manufacturers with small batch sizes.

TwinMap is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection and will run for three years.

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