New project at ifak: VertiKKA 2 - Implementation, monitoring and further development of the vertical climate clarification system

In Germany, more than 74 % of the population already live in cities/urban centres. A further increase in this proportion is undisputed (Statista 2014). The high settlement density results in specific demands on infrastructure and organisation, some of which can already hardly be met today in view of the previous urban growth in several conurbations in Germany. Additional challenges are posed by climate change (changing seasonal precipitation patterns, heavy rainfall, urban overheating (urban heat island effect), cooling energy demand), deteriorating air quality, noise pollution, loss of biodiversity, land use competition and increasing demands on resource and eco-efficiency. Heat in the building sector accounts for 40 % of energy-related emissions.

The VertiKKA2 research project is a follow-up project to the VertiKKA project, the overall objective of which was to develop an innovative technological approach to increase urban energy, land and resource efficiency as well as local quality of life and climate protection.

In VertiKKA2, VertiKKA is to be implemented and refined in real laboratories, including on a house facade in Stuttgart. The work of ifak includes the adaptation and application of the dynamic simulator developed in the first project phase (simulation of water, energy and heat flows) to the real laboratory in Stuttgart as well as the implementation of corresponding scenario analyses.

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